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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> i would like to say that i appreciate the comments of the public. it is the public's right to participate in this process. it is an important and integral part of the process. the comments, of course, are not evidence. and i have noticed that some of the comments have become fairly repetitive. of course, we are not in any way going to limit your right to participate. but i would urge, if there are some who feel that their comments have already been made
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through the voice of others, you would help us in our efforts to hopefully bring an end to this process today, if some of you would consider forgoing the opportunity to speak. again, ii want to be crystal clear that i'm not limiting your right to participate here. just in light of the link the -- the link the -- lengthy proceeding that we have today, please consider your participation. and please be brief. >> i came here today on behalf of a grass-roots organization here in the city of immigrants. i will not take any more of your
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time repeating what you know already. i'm here today to appeal to the sense of justice that you might have been cited you. you are here today because you were rightfully elected for us, the citizens of the city. it is the same as we did with our sheriff. we need him back to work. we need you and to start working for us. -- we need him to start working for us. i want you to consider that. because next time, it might be one of you and we will have to stand here for you, too. we are going to come and say, this is unfair. please, do not do this. i'm here to support ross mirkarimi because we need him right there. at his post. i hope you do something about that. as a latino immigrant, i feel
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highly this respected by all of these people, all of these different organizations here in san francisco supporting families. [tone] this is not a case of domestic violence. we need all of this to be done in a right and just way. thank you for your attention and consideration today. [applause] >> criss evening. my name is michelle. i'm here to stand for not only ross mirkarimi, but for the family and any of you that may go into a situation like this. i think he has done incredible work. i really appeal for you to consider his career, his
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thoughts, and a benefit for the community that he would bring, and that he has brought all through his career. thank you. >> hon. commissioners come eileen hansen, a former ethics commissioners. i want to thank you for your service. i know the kind of time and energy it takes. i am understand there are tremendous pressures on you. thank you for your professionalism and your fairness. i had not intended to speak today, but i was struck by something i earlier. which is that both parties canker -- concur that relation of duties is key to whether official misconduct occurred. we know that with regard to ms. contact -- with regard to misconduct, there have to be a relations.
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the conduct unbecoming was maybe not so clear. both prongs of official misconduct have to be related to the duties of office. i do not believe this case arises to the level of official misconduct because i do not believe this is elevated to the level of official misconduct. i do not believe this is about whether domestic violence occurred. we do not need to charge again this case. [tone] the sheriff pleaded guilty to a related charge. that has concluded in my mind. i do not believe this is about whether you are minimizing domestic violence. i believe this is about official misconduct and i do not believe it occurred.
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>> nice to see you, ms. hanson. >> good afternoon. my name is ernestine whites -- weiss. this was not official misconduct. ihe was not an official yet, so it has nothing to do with his job. i can tell you about domestic violence. when i had an infant in my arms and my husband shoved me. not a little tug of the yard. let's be reasonable. if willie brown can father a child in office at 68 years old and did not get a slap on the rest, gavin newsom had an affair in the office and to drugs and alcohol and not a slap on the rest. how can you call this misconduct by comparison? how can you sit there and judge this man? this is wrong, from beginning to
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end. [applause] please, use your good judgment and weigh the facts. this is not official misconduct. it is not violence. because i have a little bruise on my arm from something else, that is no proof. you were not there. you did not see how hard it was or how little it wise. some people breeze very easily. that is no proof of violence. this is not justice. if willie brown and gavin newsom, the mayor, could get away with that -- [tone] and here you are trying to make -- lay this mantle on him, and reasonable. think of your conscience. but what if you were in that position? it is not fair. you have to legalize the justice scales, right? i'm not a lawyer, but i know a lot about the law.
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so do your job and tell this man he is to report for work as soon as possible. [tone] [applause] >> before we move on, i appreciate that members of the public are going to have reactions to things that are said. this is public comment. this is not evidence. i feel like we can have a little bit of -- more reaction than we can add other parts. but please respect of speaker and please respect this process. let's not the way things are having a link the outburst, please. thank you. >> lpmy name is francisco. i am standing here on behalf of -- >> please, speaking to the
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microphone. i'm having trouble hearing you. >> use the microphone, sir. >> oh, sorry. i'm here on behalf of ross mirkarimi and his wife and little boy. i am understand human rights. like the lady that talk about injustice. [unintelligible] the commission is not ready to take on our sheriff.
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[unintelligible] i want to also congratulate -- [tone] the attorney for ms. lopez, and also the attorney for sheriff. keep fighting. do not give up. we are always behind you. thank you. >> hello. my name is james. i've volunteered down at united players.
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not long ago mr. mirkarimi spoke. he is a compassionate man he has his heart in it the people in the city in our communities. not a lot of people do these days. i hope you keep that in mind. >> i am glad to see ross back with his wife and his family. i am the executive director of a youth program called united players. personally, i don't know what happened.
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but don't nobody know what happened except him and his wife and god. i do not that we should put judgment on anybody. it's as in the bible that if i tell you about the splintered in your eye, what about the log in your eye? i'm not here to speak about the issues. i'm here to tell you what i know about him personally. i have been here 17 years now and for me to come out and speak for somebody, to support him, it is serious for me. i truly believe the actions that i have seen ross do in the city of san francisco have saved lives. the streets speak about ross. they are out there, the families, the kids, the mothers, they see what impact he made on the people out there when he was district supervisor. he always came out and demonstrated through his actions that he cared for other people.
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i see how much it affects somebody when you take their kids away from somebody, because it almost happened to me. i commend our brother. there is a lot of violence going on on the streets. we need someone like him to step up. [tone] i will say this and then i will finish. there is something about forgiveness. a lot of people do not know about forgiveness. but when you forgive others, god will forgive you for your staff. i loved san francisco. . san francisco has a love for ross. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. my husband was the sixth homicide last year. to see an official, a city
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official, somebody who sits on the board, come to where we are and here are stories and comfort us, not for votes, but because he truly cared meant a lot to me. and do not have a right to vote? you people will not say specifically, but you push it out. people in their offices drinking white substance is everywhere, but they move to higher seat on panels, people that keep it a real and stayed with the people and try to make the communities grow and prosper, how come they get left out and pushed out? >> i have a 4-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son and their daddy is in heaven. this gentleman cannot even lawfully be with his own life because of political smearing. it means to stop.
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we care about what happens in the communities. someone that has a strong hand in law enforcement because they care. god bless. [applause] >> good afternoon. i am a citizen and i have been teaching at san francisco state for 16 years. the first time i met ross he said to me, you are not very politically involved out, are you? and i said, not really. i like to teach my students about the process. >> we talk about spin. we look at euphemisms and that kind of thing. my children, though, are more politically active than i am. they got caught up in the
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campaign. during that campaign, i got to meet all of the constituents from all over san francisco, men and women from all sorts of economic and educational backgrounds and from all sorts of causes and grouped and to a person, they were behind ross because of what he did, not because of what he said, but because of how he changed their lives. i became a pretty big supporter for ross myself. and then when this incident happened and i got to witness the way the "chronicle" handled it, the way mayor ed lee handled it, the way the supervisors handled it, i lost my faith again in politics. i can't believe that anyone, after the joe indiana haze white incident several years ago, my god, that this man is being hung out to dry like this. i just ask that you guys find it within yourself that we as citizens depend on politicians
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to break the storyo types that so often we have of them. do you know what i mean? i wasn't ready to speak, but i just hope that you look and listen to what you said and do the right thing. thank you. >> hello, commissioners, my name is babette hogan, i'm a eighth generation san franciscan and in 12 years i have seen a lot of ross' work. when i first moved to that district, i was a little afraid of my neighborhood. but that was quickly overcome in part by the great work that ross did on the streets in my hood. so i am very appreciative of his work. i would like to also speak to you as a media professional, a media professional who not at all been falsely arrested
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recently in another state where conditions between journalists and the sheriff's department is not quite so easy. i would like to commend the relationship that our police officers hold with the citizens of san francisco. we have a fabulous, fabulous county and i'm very proud of it. i do not believe that our media has properly represented what has ghon on and for that i am ashamed of our media. our first amendment rights are insulted when paid advocates can come and make their arguments for a national case using alp case that is complete taken out of context and out of reality for political gain. i ask that you consider true
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and long-term democracy for our city and county of which i am very proud. thanks very much. [applause] >> my name is alex, i'm a lawyer here in the city. the question before us and before you is whether or not our sheriff committed official misconduct. official misconduct when you look at the plane language of the time, misconduct by one who is in office. he was not in office. therefore, he cannot commit official misconduct. i mean what official misconduct would mean if he had been in office, that's another question. that question is not you are really asked to answer. the question is whether he committed official misconduct. and ross who i have known for a long time did not commit official misconduct because he
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wasn't in office. it's that simple. he has done a an awful lot good for this city as a supervisors, as a sheriff and i would ask that you reinstate him in office. thank you. [applause] >> hi, i'm jeannie maher. like so many others, a resident of this city and i want to thank you all for the time that you have devoted to this matter. i don't envy you having to have done that. but thank you again. i think that we have heard some very thoughtful comments from a number of people on both sides. i did hear a supporter of ross mirkarimi tell me at the end of this process, we will find a
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man much better than he began. i can only hope that that is the case. i think that that is possibly the only thing that we and his family can do is hope that he will find from this experience that his conduct was not becoming to whether he is sheriff designate or sheriff. i cannot imagine that someone incarcerated in the jail for domestic violence would want to sit and listen to him talk to them about what they should avoid doing. i don't know that that is possible and i really beg you to consider what it is that you
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have to decide and what you have to refer on to the board of supervisors and the outcome of your actions. thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is tracy brown and i came before you to share the club resolution of keeping ross mirkarimi for sheriff. this case really comes down to two women and their truths. my friend eliana lopez and lynette peralta haynesworth. these are two women with small children, two women whose lives have been torn apart about these events. this is a san francisco that belongs to families and values family. yet this is a san francisco that has went after two women with families and almost drove them away. i heard testimony that lynette was harassed during her work
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hours, during her high risk pregnancy. this is not my san francisco. i expect my san francisco to be a san francisco that values families, that helps families, that provides services and interventions to families. my san francisco values a process that is fair and equitable and a process that is the same and consistent across the board. this is not what i'm saying. this is not how these kinds of cases play out. my san francisco treats everyone equally. please, please this is up to you guys. please let this be our san francisco. please let this be a san francisco that we are proud of that values families that does not allow for political games to get in the way of small children's lives. thank you so much for your time. >> ok, we're going to stop right now.
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this is it. >> i want to say one thing for commissioners. the court reporter has been going for three hours which as someone who is familiar with court reporters, that is not ok. this is not evidence and does not have to be included in the official record. is there an oto the court
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reporter not taking public comment from the parties? >> no. >> no. >> we will continue to record as we always do public comment, but it will not be tribed because it's not part of the evidence in the case. thank you. >> can you go. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is valerie tullir. you have heard the same points over and over again. i want to say what sheriff mirkarimi did was accept responsibility for what he believes was his wrong. does it raise to the level of misconduct, official misconduct, no, it doesn't. i'm a little bit concerned as a latina that eliana did not give permission for the d.v. community to make her a poster child. i understand why the d.v. community is connected, their pursestrings and grants are connected to the city
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commission and the city politics and i respect that. i respect people wanting to stick up for their purpose and for their funding. however, i do ask -- and i'm a former commissioner on the commission on the status of women, so i speak from experience. i do just ask for equity. i just ask for the justice to be even-handed. i know that the case for far chief joanna hayes has come up and that was to the level of a 911 call. i just ask that if we are going to do justice that we do it fair across the field and that one person is not isolated and targeted as a feel that sheriff mirkarimi has been. the last time that i was here at the commission meeting, you all were very reasonable. i pray that you continue to be reasonable and fair. thank you very much.
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[applause] >> good afternoon. domestic violence is not a private matter as a woman and as a mother, i agree with that statement. however, an argument between a husband and a wife is. this was nothing more than that. i am more concerned with the mayor who perjures and himself gets away with it. i'm more concerned bay bomb threat that put everyone's life supposedly in danger other than mayor lee's wife. this family loves each other, they are united, they are stronger than they have been and want to be with another. the political witch hunt is bent on destroying them. people are incorrectly saying that he was convicted of domestic abuse. he was never convicted of domestic abuse. he must act with ethics and justice and reinstate the democratically elected sheriff mirkarimi. thank you. [applause]
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>> good ann, i'm in the japan south community. i am astonished that this has gone on this far. if you want justice, if you want an equal playing level, i can't believe this is coming up before this commission. as previous speakers have said, there was a fire chief that had a 911 incident. we had someone who pledged they will not run and i think those are more serious than this. so i think this needs to be dismissed. unbelievable. please dismiss this. [applause] >> just for the record, i don't live in san francisco, but i
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believe it's important for me to be here because whatever happens in san francisco can pass by in other cities or states even. so i am making a point about the bomb because it's really important because, you want to talk about ethics, how come you can talk about ethics and say to the people that were here they can die but nobody care about the lives of others, only for the mayor. i believe that is not fair to hear that. about the family, the mirkarimi family, i really believe that he has to replace on his position because he was elected. this is a lovely family. they're finally after seven months, they are together for the first time, these persons are together. so


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